Sterling All Terrain Tow Bar

Sterling Tow Bar

Our best tow bar ever!

Sterling Tow Bar

8,000 pound(3600 kg towing) capacity motorhome-mounted aluminum tow bar

The Sterling All Terrain was designed, tested and manufactured to the highest standards…yours. And now, ROADMASTER ’s best tow bar is even better — with non-binding All Terrain technology, you’ll never struggle to release your tow bar again.

The Sterling All Terrain weighs just 35 pounds, yet pulls up to three tons. Steel and stainless steel at every critical point ensure superior strength and structural integrity.

The Sterling All Terrain is easy to connect, and its stainless steel inner arms telescope, center and automatically lock as you pull away. Once you’ve reached your destination, a unique storage lock secures the Sterling All Terrain in its stored position.

The Sterling All Terrain comes complete with safety cables and electrical wiring cord. Both are routed through center channel guides for added safety, convenience, and a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Beyond its many performance features, the Sterling All Terrain is aesthetically pleasing — its anodized finish and sleek design complement your coach and your car. As well they should — the Sterling All Terrain exemplifies ROADMASTER’s highest standards, as well as yours. BURADAN


Freedom Latch

There’s no more binding with an All Terrain Freedom Latch™

Releasing your towed vehicle is easy with ROADMASTER’s All Terrain Freedom Latch — even when the tow bar is at a hard angle, or the towed vehicle is out of level. The Sterling All Terrain’s Freedom Latches disconnect first time, every time. No other tow bar makes towing this simple.

World's Strongest Tow Bar

A unique eggshell design distributes pressure throughout the tow bar, making the Sterling All Terrain the world’s strongest aluminum tow bar.

Finite Elemental Analysis

Computer tested

ROADMASTER uses computerized testing on every new tow bar design. The program is called “FEA,” which stands for “Finite Elemental Analysis.” If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is — FEA is the same program NASA scientists use to test their new designs.
FEA transforms two-dimensional design drawings into three-dimensional objects, which can be rotated and studied on the screen as thousands of pounds of force are applied. Stress in the steel is pinpointed, and the design is manipulated to remove it.
ROADMASTER is the only towing products manufacturer to use computerized testing — as well as “real world” physical testing — to ensure structural integrity, longevity, and the safety of your family.


Quick, convenient, secure...
From stow to tow in seconds!

Sterling Tow Bar

Storage Latch

Patented storage latch
Simply fold the Sterling All Terrain toward the motorhome and the storage latch will “click,” automatically locking it in place. When you’re ready to tow, just press the storage latch to release the tow bar.



EZ Hook

‘EZ Hook’ safety cables
Included with the Sterling All Terrain, ‘EZ Hook’ safety cables are faster to connect than other cables — at the towed vehicle, a stainless steel ball at the end of the cable latches into a slotted anchor plate. Heavy-duty, drop-forged steel hooks, with spring-loaded latches, connect the cables at the motorhome. Vinyl coating prevents the safety cables from scratching or chipping the tow bar.



Cable Guide

Exclusive channel guides
The safety cables and electrical wiring cord are both routed through the built-in channel guides. No need to wrap the cables or wiring around the arms of the tow bar!




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