Hitch Accessories



The leading cause of tow system failure is an “out of level” tow bar — when the tow bar is at an upward or downward slope (To see if your tow bar is level, see Stay Within the 'Safe Zone.') The accessories in this section allow you to connect your tow bar at a safe, level height. Note: safety cable extensions are required for any accessory which extends the length of the towing system.

Hi-Low Hitches
(10,000-pound rated)

Use a Hi-Low Hitch to level the RV hitch to the tow bar. These hitches have a solid-steel shank, allowing a 10,000-pound capacity and 400-pound tongue weight.
Available in two-, four-, six-, eight- and 10-inch drops.

• Fit nearly all two-inch receiver hitches
• 10,000-pound GVWR capacity; 400-pound maximum tongue weight

048-2 048-4

2" Hi-Low Hitch
4" Hi-Low Hitch
6" Hi-Low Hitch
8" Hi-Low Hitch
10" Hi-Low Hitch


Dual Hitch Receiver
(10,000 lb. Rated)

Double your towing capacity while using a tow bar, and add a bike carrier using our new dual hitch receiver.
• For car and boat owners alike • Fits all hitch receivers
• 10,000-pound capacity; 400-pound tongue wt. • Solid steel construction • Computer designed and tested • Powder coated for maximum durability


2" Dual Hitch Receiver
4" Dual Hitch Receiver


Adjustable Ball Hitch
(For car-mounted towing; 6,000 lb. rated)

An adjustable ball mount that spans 16 inches of vertical height in one-inch increments. The shank can be turned up or down, for low or high ground clearance. The maximum rise is seven inches; the maximum drop is nine inches.
Only for towing a car behind a motorhome — not for use with any type of trailer.

880 Adjustable Ball Hitch 6,000-pound GVWR capacity; 100-pound tongue weight maximum.

Hi-Low Drops and Extensions

The shanks on the Hi-Low Drops can be turned up or down, for low- or high-ground clearance. Available in two-, four- and six-inch models.

The hitch receiver extensions provide 7½ and 12 inches, for those towing systems which need a little more reach.

Both the Hi-Low Drops and the Hitch Receiver Extensions are only for towing a car behind a motorhome — not for use with any type of trailer. They are all rated at 6,000-pound GVWR and 100-pound maximum tongue weight.


2" Drop Receiver (Flip to raise 2")
4" Drop Receiver
(Flip to raise 4")
6" Drop Receiver (Flip to raise 6")
7½" Extension
12" Extension


Roller Hitches
U. S. Patent No. 5,695,204

Drop extension for car-mounted tow bars. Use a Roller Hitch in 4" through 10" drops to level the RV hitch to the tow bar.

• The solid-steel roller prevents scraping and dragging.
• Fits all square tube hitch receivers with two-inch inner diameters.
• 5,000-pound GVWR capacity; 200-pound maximum tongue weight

051-4 4" Roller-Hitch
051-6 6" Roller-Hitch
051-8 8" Roller-Hitch
051-10 10" Roller-Hitch


Quiet Hitch™

This anti-rattle ring slips over the tow bar’s stinger mount. Tightening one bolt (049 and 049-1) or two bolts (061) removes any free play between the stinger mount and the hitch.
• Bolts on in seconds
• 049 and 061 work on 2", class 3 hitch receivers; 049-1 works with 2½", class 5 hitch receivers
• Powder-coated finish for maximum durability

049 Quiet Hitch for 2", class 3 receivers
049-1 Quiet Hitch for 2½", class 5 receivers
061 Quiet Hitch for 2", class 3 receivers


U. S. Patent No. 5,184,840

Prevents the hitch from digging and dragging on the pavement. Made for heavy duty applications. Front load design accommodates hitches that other rollers won't fit. Solid steel roller won't fail like plastic or rubber rollers. Front load design fits almost all two-inch inner diameter square tube hitch receivers. Works with or without ball mount.

050 Rollaway