We have been operating as an engineering company since 1976. Specialised manufacturing in a wide variety of engineering tools and materials such as; trucks, trailers, car parts containers, chains, sprockets, machining stainless steel; special bolts, nuts, coupling and spring high tensile products.

Designed special tools servicing mining, chain food, timber, plumbing suppliers, pumps mining engineered with C.N.C Machining.

We produced high quantity products competitive engineering, also we had manufactured high quality Castors and wheels for many different industries such as; nursery cars for hospitals, plants and everyday use supermarket trolleys castors ,stainles steel chain sprockets, chain industries . Our company use to be very well known in the related industry. Our company had a very good reputation on services as well therefore serviced our customers with the highest priority and back up spot on delivery date.

We also use to be well known agent of Power tools, Metobo , Makita, Festo, Champion Composers and as Trading RS Imports under JANER Tooling Pty Ltd.

We imported products from overseas (Turkey) trucks, wheels, machinery, lathes, bandsaws, chucks collets, presses, high pressure water pumps for machines, castors and wheels. We also imported materials from Malaysia and China.Now we have one of world's most reconised company Roadmaster's product we can distribute, all Australia, and we are only Authorised Distributor for Australia, we have all Roadmaster product range for all Towing solutions, A- Frame Sterling All Terrain ,Blackhawk2 ,Falcon2, Falcon All Terrain, Stowmaster All Terrain, Stowmaster 5000, Trailers, tow-dolly, Brake, Braking system, Even Brake 9400, and 9700 brakes, we have also large range of towing accessories. we are happy to assist you any of our product range.AWARD WINNER ROADMASTER INVIS BRAKE 8700